Welcome to our new website! We have been working on this for the past couple of months and we are really happy we can now share our new little space in the world wide web with you. Behind the scenes Audentity has been making some changes and, we think, a lot of progress. With this blogpost we would like to tell you a little bit more… Where to begin?

First of all, two years ago Guido joined the company and started functioning as the creative right hand of Niels. He completes the creative base of Audentity with his vast knowledge of all things music and audio. And with him getting his own studio on the Blankenstraat, we now have even more guitars, pianos and synthesizers. FUN!

Then, actually around the same time Guido got his studio on the Blankenstraat, Ella joined Audentity. She functions as the right hand of Niels on the business side of things. So producing, scheduling, communication, new business, strategy and all the other things that need some TLC on a day to day basis besides creating music and sound.

Besides colleagues we are also friends and this combination works really well for us. Together we worked on broadening Niels’ vision on Audentity and getting Guido and Ella familiar with it all. This has resulted in the Audentity family and makes Blankenstraat 406 a place where we, and hopefully all our clients, feel right at home.

The three of us form the base of Audentity and together with a small group of lovely and gifted freelancers and musicians we have been able to work on a lot of great projects. The way we have been creating our soundtracks the past couple of months, made us feel the previous logo was not covering it all. We are not just Audentity, music and sound. We create tailor made audio identities with our own hands, in the studios we have built ourselves. We asked Jarr Geerligs to help us define Audentity for us graphically and this has resulted in our new and improved logo, the tailor made soundtracks machine.

So this is us, the Audentity family. Niels, Guido, Ella and a lovely bunch of freelancers, two music studios, two Fender Rhodes piano’s, two vocal booths, way too many guitars and basses, a whole wall of synthesizers and our dear coffee machine; vibiemme palombini. We are looking forward to getting more involved in the creative industry both in Amsterdam as the international scene. We think what we bring to the table is unique and gives something extra to both the production process and the end result. Something tailored that you know is created with craft, knowledge, many years of experience, a lot of passion and a whole lot of fun.