Welcome to the clubs of humans

Music and sound design with HERC the agency

Lynk & Co


Film Production Company: Halal
Director: Caroline Koning

The new originals


Director: Rutger van Leeuwen


The Spark

Agency: Partizan

Director: Sharif Abd el Mawla



YoungCapital – We Give Work

Agency: HERC The Agency


Campaign 2019


The Ritual of Samurai

Directed by: Maarten Groen
Produced by: North West Productions & DPPLR
Sound design by: KlevR


Honey Infused Wash & Conditioner

Client: Gisou

WE Telecom - Al Ahly

Director cut

Directed by: Sharif Abdel Mawla
Produced by: Nojara Production Madness

Mrs. Frank

Together Alone – Episode 1 Teaser

Together Alone is a portrait series that offers a different perspective on mental health disorders by exploring the beauty and triumph of those who combat them. In this teaser for the first episode meet professional ballet dancer, Keren Liemann who found her feet and her voice after her first panic attack.

Director: Dorith Mous
DOP: Wouter Verberkt
Editor: Sjoerd Dekker
Sound Design/ Music: Audentity - Niels den Otter
Illustration: Patrick Louwerse
Grading: Chris Hicks

Produced by Mrs.Frank


What Makes You, You

Agency & production company: Wolfstreet


Omdat Het Kan

Agency: Indie Amsterdam



Directed by: Rogier de Reiger

Produced by: Hong Kong Amsterdam

Sneaker District

Thank God For Sneakers

Produced by: VIGICS
Directed by: Sharif Abdel Mawla

Appelsap Festival 2018

Campaign Film

Commercial & Photography Director: Rogier Smalhout

DOP: Tibor Dingelstad

Photographer: Vitali Gelwich

Produced by HALAL Amsterdam

Van Moof

Bikes With Personality

Director: Kristian van Kuyk

Produced by: Cake Film

Daily Paper

Cultivating a Community

Directed by: Sharif Abdel Mawla
Produced by: Vigics
Executive producer: Dwight Groot
Producer: Julian Pattinama
Editor: Maarten Ernest

ASICS Onitsuka Tiger

Mexico 66 SD

Agency: HALAL Amsterdam
Director: Jurriaan Booij
Post: Darlings Post Productions

Tisja Damen


Music: Guido Maat

Director: Maarten Groen (DPPLR)
DP: Stephan Polman
Producer: Levi Rijper (DPPLR), Niels Visser (DPPLR),
Production Assistent: Anne den Boer, Loulou Roskam, Brandi van de Mortel, Amy Post
Production Manager: Niels Visser (DPPLR)
Concept: Maarten Groen (DPPLR)
Focus Puller: Chiel van Dongen
Choreography: Margriet de Rijk
Editing: Ruben Labree (DPPLR)
Compositor: Ewoud Visser (DPPLR)
Colorist: Barry Clark (Captcha!)
Violin: Myrthe van de Weetering
Developing + Scanning: Color by de Jonghe
Special thanks to: Camalot Amsterdam and Hotel Zenden


Wij zijn gemaakt om te maken

Agency: Noise
Director: Nina Aaldering
Producer: Omar Perineau


Hoe Dan? – Vader

Agency: INDIE Amsterdam
Production: Annomann
Director: Jeroen Annokkee
Executive producer: Robert Aschermann
Music: Twan van Steenhoven (Big 2) & Paul Laffree
Music mixage: Audentity



Client: Hartstichting
Agency: Kingsday
Creatives: Sicco Beerda, Sander Litjens
Agency Producer: Maartje van Beek
Production: Czar
Director: Eché Janga
Producer: Roos Blank


The Invention

Opera singer: Pietro Spagnoli

Agency: TBWA\Neboko
Creatives: Darre van Dijk, Dennis Baars, Erik Falke, Sander Volleman
Director: Ismael ter Heuvel
Produced by: Pink Rabbit, Mireille Lampe, Niels Scheide
Post production: Glassworks
Sound design: The Ambassadors


Sport to the People

Director: Madja Amin
Agency: Triple Double Sportmarketing
Produced by: Cake Film, Jolanda de Boer, Annemien Lijfering


The Cycle Story

Concept & Direction: INE & SANNE
Produced by: INE & SANNE



Melody and vocals: Airto
Agency: Kingsday
Produced by: Czar Jr.
Directed by: Eché Janga

Blouson Noir


Creatives: John Vonk, Maarten Groen
Director: Maarten Groen, DPPLR
Produced by: DPPLR


Freedom Of Fashion

Director: Frederike Helwig
Produced by: This Is Operator



Director: Paul Geusebroek, Cake Film
Agency: Indie Amsterdam
Creatives: Emilio de Haan & Rogier de Bruin
Producers: Anne van Kuijk & Jolanda de Boer
DOP: Menno Mans
Editor: Brian Ent, Kapsalon
Grading: De Grot, Joppo

Nike Stadium & Pigalle

Goutte d’Or

Agency: Pigalle, Stephane Ashpool
Director: Paul Geusebroek represented by Cake Film


Do it right

Agency: Amsterdam Worldwide
Director: Hanna Maria Heidrich from Radical.Media
Post Production: Darlings Post Production



Agency: Epidemie
Creatives: Leon Stedehouder & Michiel Klein Schiphorst
Director: Bram van Alphen/Caviar