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Our story

Audio production agency Audentity was founded in 2009 (2012 management change to current setup) by Niels den Otter. We offer a combination of music & sound and create tailor made audio identities for the creative industry worldwide, straight from beautiful Amsterdam. At Audentity music and sound are harmonised into great sounding soundtracks.


den Otter

Owner and Executive Producer
Meet Niels, the mastermind behind our boutique audio production agency. With a zest for life's pleasures, he dives headfirst into a world of cars, wine, and tantalizing cuisine. Oh, and did we mention his insatiable love for music? From epic film soundtracks that transport you to another realm, to those grimy trap beats that make your heart race, Niels is an all-encompassing connoisseur. Despite his seasoned status in the industry, Niels's creativity continues to flow, infusing each beat with a refreshing twist that'll keep you on your toes.



Business and Communication Manager
Introducing Miles-Lee, the Business & Communication Manager and the righthand woman to the founder, Niels. She is the vibrant force behind the scenes at Audentity! With a broad taste that spans across time and continents, she's got 1960s Thai Rock 'n Roll on lock, can groove to Colombian Garage Rock, and has a keen ear for the finest female voices in Turkish Psych. You name it, she's got it covered!



Composer, sound designer, song writer
Meet Sjoerd, the versatile composer, engineer, and songwriter. From breathtaking cinematic pieces to enchanting French chansons and electrifying punk anthems, he's a true musical chameleon. Sjoerd stays ahead of the game with his trendsetting knowledge of synths and invests his heart and soul into his craft. When not making music, he finds comfort in nature and enjoys preparing the juiciest beer-can chicken. With Sjoerd, you'll always experience professionalism and lighthearted fun.


van de Mosselaer

Composer, Sound designer
This is Luuk, our musical maestro! With a degree from the esteemed University of Arts in Utrecht where he studied Music & Technology, he effortlessly found his place within the Audentity family. Luuk's signature style can be described as a fusion of experimental electronica and hip-hop influences, creating a unique sonic experience. When it comes to sound design, Luuk is our go-to guy. But it’s his playful nature and quirky personality that breathes life into his music, every single time.



Content and Design Manager
Meet Silvana, our unstoppable design guru! From photography and photoshop to illustration and web design, she's an expert in creative solutions. With her imaginative flair and practical mindset, she turns ideas into art. But that's not all – Silvana is also a master thrift shopper, always hunting for unique second-hand treasures. And did we mention she's a social media influencer? She seamlessly blends her design skills with captivating online content, enchanting viewers with her charm.

Ian Alken

Meet Ian, the ultimate creative dynamo! He's not just a music composer; he's a multi-talented artist. From capturing photographs to lending his baritone voice for voice-overs, Ian's artistry knows no bounds. With his impeccable sense of style, he effortlessly rocks any outfit, giving off major high-fashion vibes. And let's not forget his culinary expertise – he's our guru when it comes to the newest hot sauces. But where he truly shines is in his ability to add that special spice to our beats, transforming them into hits.


Herrebout Limberger

Office dog, Professional Attention Seeker, bark enthousiast
Meet Otis, the cheerful heart and soul of the Audentity office! This lovable Australian Shepherd's mission is to spread cuddles and playfulness to all. Whether he's happily gnawing on bones, barking at passersby, or ignoring our no-lick policy, Otis's charming doggie antics are irresistible.


Lovie Awards 2018
Best Original Music
ADCN 2018
Appelsap / Best Original Music
Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2017
Best Music for Blouson Noir
ADCN 2017
Ford Motorcraft
ADCN Lampen 2016
Craft Music for Brand
Music + Sound Awards 2015
Best Sound Design for Porsche
Music + Sound Awards 2015
Best Original Composition for Kswiss
Music + Sound Awards 2013
Best Sound Design for Amnesty International