We Give Work

Music and sound design for YoungCapital.

The new YoungCapital campaign ‘We Give Work’ practices what it preaches: from start to finish made by young people who are themselves trendsetters and creators of the fast pasted Insta-culture.

AGENCY: HERC the agency

Creative Director: Emilio de Haan
Account Director: Niels Heimens
Concept/Artwork: Safi Graauw, Camille Boumans, Kirwin Lonwijk, Gyatso Davids, Joëlle Strijk, Estelle das Dores, Emilio de Haan
Agency producer: Sybrig Andringa + Nelleke Rekers
Production: HERC the agency X SYBSTER

Director: Safi Graauw/Emilio de Haan
DOP: Noel Schoolderman
2nd Unit camera: Camille Boumans
Edit: Joppo in de Grot + Camille Boumans
Visual Effects: Robin in de Grot
Online: Joppo in de Grot + Camille Boumans
Grading: Joppo in de Grot
Design/Animation: Joëlle Strijk
Styling: Ilona Simons & Edward Boye
Make-up/Hair: Scarlett Kraidy
Production Design/Art Director: Desirée Brands | Art is Hard
Casting: East Indy | Marloes Moolenaar
Fotografie: Kirwin Lonwijk

Margriet de Kroon (Marketing Director)
Deni Barisic (Marketing Manager)